Bacula 3.0.1 for Mac OS X

I wont be doing a build of Bacula for Mac OS X again any time soon, if at all, for a number of reasons;

  1. I no longer have access to Mac OS X 10.4 running on an Intel chip
  2. I am actively transitioning to BackupPC

Below youll find the method I have been using to construct all the .pkg installers youll find on this site. If you have any questions about the process please post them in the comments.

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openais: an alternative to clvm with cman

I’ve been battling lately with a lot of problems with cman, part of Red Hat Cluster Suite. Specifically, the fencing tool (fenced) is pretty much junk when you try to start using it with Xen dom0’s. After much searching and gnashing of teeth I happened upon this mailing list post. The promise there is that you could take clvm and compile it against openais and get a cluster aware LVM which doesnt require the rest of Red Hat Cluster Suite (and its crappy documentation, crappy fencing, and general all around crappiness). A little more searching turned up this web site from Olivier Le Cam which pretty much did 90% of the work for me.

After some testing I’m happy to say it appears to work smashingly. What follows is a somewhat more complete version of how to achieve the same results on Debian Lenny. Enjoy :)

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flac2mp3: batch flac to mp3 converter

Here is a quick script I whipped together to convert flac files to mp3. Its nothing fancy but it does the job. Doesnt require anything but flac and lame.

I was going to include a bunch of fancy id3 tag stuff but to be honest most of the id3 perl libraries out there arent that great to use. I may do something like that in the future though. Since I use quod libet which has a fantastic tagger built in, it isnt really an issue for me.


$lame_opt = "--preset extreme";

foreach (@ARGV) {
if (!($_ =~ /\.flac$/)) {
print "Skipping $_\n";

`flac -d "$_"`;
$_ =~ s/\.flac$/.wav/;
$target = $_;
$target =~ s/\.wav$/.mp3/;
`lame $lame_opt "$_" "$target"`;
`rm "$_"`;

Here’s a little script I whipped up in perl to sequentially load and erase all the tapes in an auto loader. Hopefully it is of some use to others.

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