Set up a bluetooth keyboard in Debian Etch

I recently purchased a new Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for use with MythTV. The choice of input device for MythTV is a very subjective thing to be sure, but I love this device because its as small as it can be without feeling cramped, its thin, light weight, and stylish.

Setting the device up to work with Debian Etch is fairly straightforward once you know what to do

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MythTV for Mac OS X

This is a build of MythTV 0.20, svn revision 12662. Both the front end itself as well as the full MythTV package are included. This build is for Intel Mac’s only. If there is enough demand I will make one for PowerPC.

Be aware that I have not actually used the MythTV server portion on Mac OS X. I do use this MythFrontend build on a regular basis however.

MythTV 0.20.12662