flac2mp3: batch flac to mp3 converter

Here is a quick script I whipped together to convert flac files to mp3. Its nothing fancy but it does the job. Doesnt require anything but flac and lame.

I was going to include a bunch of fancy id3 tag stuff but to be honest most of the id3 perl libraries out there arent that great to use. I may do something like that in the future though. Since I use quod libet which has a fantastic tagger built in, it isnt really an issue for me.


$lame_opt = "--preset extreme";

foreach (@ARGV) {
if (!($_ =~ /\.flac$/)) {
print "Skipping $_\n";

`flac -d "$_"`;
$_ =~ s/\.flac$/.wav/;
$target = $_;
$target =~ s/\.wav$/.mp3/;
`lame $lame_opt "$_" "$target"`;
`rm "$_"`;


Here’s a little script I whipped up in perl to sequentially load and erase all the tapes in an auto loader. Hopefully it is of some use to others.

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