Permanent Device Nodes with udev

I recently converted from Arkeia (a horribly overpriced and buggy piece of software) to Bacula (a free, stable, higher performance alternative). At the same time I upgraded my backup server to Debian Etch and started having a problem where my tape library would alternatively show up as either /dev/sg0 or /dev/sg2 depending on what order things were powered up. Obviously that presents a problem if certain pieces of software expect your auto changer to located at a certain device node in /dev.

This can be fixed by making a custom udev rule…

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MythTV for Mac OS X

This is a build of MythTV 0.20, svn revision 12662. Both the front end itself as well as the full MythTV package are included. This build is for Intel Mac’s only. If there is enough demand I will make one for PowerPC.

Be aware that I have not actually used the MythTV server portion on Mac OS X. I do use this MythFrontend build on a regular basis however.

MythTV 0.20.12662

Bacula for Mac OS X

Here are some binary installers (zipped .pkg files) for bacula 2.0.3 for Mac OS X (the file daemon only). There are installers for both PowerPC and Intel. Be aware that they are statically linked for Mac OS X 10.4 only.


Bacula 2.0.3 Intel
Bacula 2.0.3 PowerPC

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